Sunday, January 30, 2005

Virginia DOT Study Shows Cams Increase Injury Accidents

"Despite a distinct sympathy in favor of camera enforcement, the researchers found a 'definite' increase in rear-end accidents and only a 'possible' decrease in angle accidents. Most importantly, the net effect was that more injuries happened after cameras are installed. Camera proponents explain this away by asserting angle accidents are more serious, but this claim has not been scientifically studied according to this report. The rear end collisions caused by the cameras still produce injuries -- the original promise of camera proponents was that they would reduce accidents and injuries, not rearrange them".

I wonder if anyone's done any kind of study of this: sort in Taiwan. I suppose, given the traffic density, and mixing of scooters and cars, there might be a special case to be made that hot pursuit is to be avoided here. At any rate, in eleven years, I can remember only one or two times seeing such a thing. Also, quality control seems to be an issue. People who frequent a given neighborhood not only get to know where the cameras are, but come to realize there are "lenient" cameras, as well as "hangin' judgemeras." I want to give the benefit of the doubt to the five-o authorities on this one, but, then, this is a place where the police leave their flashers on while patrolling so as to sneak up on perpetrators unawares.
Hat tip: instapundit